Corporate Department
  • Consulting on the start-up and establishment of a company under any legal form (Newco, Start-up, Spin-off, Joint Venture, UTE, AIE, etc.)
  • Consulting on the investment or buying-in processes of companies (through prior Due Diligence), negotiation and drafting of shareholders’ and trade union agreements, acquisition and transfer of companies (LBO, MBI, MBO, etc.) up to the satisfactory conclusion of the transaction.
  • Any kind of By-laws amendment (managing bodies, share capital increases, ancillary services, etc.).
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganization (mergers, spin-offs, segregations, contribution of lines of business)
  • Performance of functions as the company’s secretary and legal advisor.


Contractual Department

Drafting, negotiation and execution of civil and commercial contracts, either national or international:

  • Provision of services.
  • Agency contracts.
  • Distribution contracts.
  • Supply contracts.
  • Leasing contracts.
  • Financing contracts (syndicated loans, seniors, Sale and Lease-Back, credit assignment).
  • Guarantee contracts (pledge of current accounts, shares, future rights, etc.).
  • Confidentiality contracts.
  • License for use contracts.
  • General sale/purchase conditions, etc.
  • Project Finance in relation to energy operations and their guarantees (VAT bridging loans, senior loans, pledge of shares and balances), turnkey contracts, O&M, etc.
  • Sale contracts of solar trackers and their assembly and maintenance.